Calendar of Events in 2008

        Date                        Event                                  Location
       16/03                       Palm Sunday                          St Thomas's
       20/03                       Maundy Thursday                   St Thomas's
       21/03                       Good Friday                           St Thomas's
       23/03                       Easter Sunday                       St Thomas's

       29/04                       Elswick Singers Concert           St Thomas's Free - All welcome

       21-22/06                  Parish Open Weekend
                                     "Garden Tour"
                                     Strawberry Fair St Thomas's
                                     "Floral Display St Thomas's
                                     "Open School"                         The school

       12/09                       Harvest Supper Dance              Memorial Hall

       12/10                      Autumn Fair                             Memorial Hall

       02/11                      Commemorative Mass                St Thomas's

       11/12                       BVCT Carol Concert                  St Thomas's

       12/12                       Family Evening                         Memorial Hall

       25/12                       Christmas Day                          St Thomas's


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